kain kitani

Our story

Founded 8 years ago, KAIN KITANI was born out of the love of Kurungs tailored from fabrics with timeless prints yet affordable. Each print is lovingly curated with the everyday modern woman in mind. The everyday modern woman who is confident, kind, strong and knows her self-worth. KAIN KITANI hopes to help all women live their best life through fashion.

As KAIN KITANI grew, so did the number of collaborations with various local boutiques to dream up Kurung pieces that exudes effortless elegance without the hefty price tag. With a strong eye for design, KAIN KITANI remains one of the top sources for inspiration for Kurung designs.

Synonymous with elegance and modesty, KAIN KITANI also houses a wide range of Abayas that have become cult favourites. Ranging from the much-loved LUXE ESSENTIALS Series as your go-to everyday wear to the exclusive LUXE LACE Series, you will always find that perfect piece for every occasion. KAIN KITANI brings in new designs every month so you will be spoilt for choice, bringing you timeless pieces whether it is everyday wear or for special occasions.